10 Best Manual Espresso Machines

Coffee’s smell and taste are both so brilliant that coffee lovers tend to experiment with it. People also refer to this as coffee art. Nevertheless, the beverage is great in keeping your state of mind more active. Especially for those who do not have an adequate sleep, coffee can be a great source to become more productive.

And being a coffee lover, it is less likely that they don’t own an espresso maker to themselves. Automatic espresso machines are a great option for the busier coffee lovers, though manual ones are still great. Manual espresso makers can be far better than manual ones.

You can choose the preferable coffee beans in manual coffee makers, altogether with the grinding strength and any factor that influences the taste.

Here are the top 10 manual espresso machines you should buy in 2021:

Flair Classic Manual Press Espresso Maker

For a professional look and taste of coffee at home, Flair Classic Manual Press Espresso Maker is the first suggestion. Having no plugs or electronics, this is fully manual and needs a butt grinder to run. It is built with a combination of stainless steel and aluminum that assures you the machine’s reliability.


  • Easy to clean with a removable brewing head.
  • Good quality and high durability.


  • Not an ideal that needs betterments.
  • Hefty strength is required.

ROK EspressoGC

This newer version of ROK is their best one so far, with a space-saving design. It is built with a single shot stainless steel portafilter that enables users to choose whatever ground beans they want for espresso.


  • The coffee it makes is brilliant.
  • Integrated with easy to use set up.


  • Has a small water tank that makes up to two cups only at a time.
  • Beginners may take more time to learn.

La Pavoni PA-1200 Coffee Press

La Pavoni PA-1200 Coffee Press is a semi-automatic machine that gives you the control and helps you with its tech. Although the machine has a glossy finish, the appearance is boring. However, the duty it does is very convincing.


  • The espresso and cappuccino it makes are impressive.
  • Burr grinder is superb.
  • Rapid heat-up


  • The grinder may become noisy.
  • Has overheating issues.
  • It cannot switch off on its own.
  • The steam wand is short.

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola Lever-Style Espresso Machine

For homes that need just one espresso machine but something that can make different coffee types, La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola is just great. Not only does this machine have an automatic milk froth, but every possible feature that you may want. Also, the thermostats installed are very reliable.


  • The design is very captivating.
  • All-in-one espresso maker.


  • Overheating issues.
  • Beginners can have a harder time learning.

La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Espresso Machine

Another version of La Pavoni is this one, where you get foamy and rich creamy cappuccinos. Along with a powerful steaming system, it has a 38oz boiler that helps you with a 2oz espresso drink. This machine is a long-time investment to a cafe-like coffee at home.


  • Appearance is nice with a space-saving design.
  • Reliable thermostat.
  • Can customize the espresso as the speed and pump strength is adjustable.


  • Needs great concentration and effort.
  • Refilling water takes time and can’t be done until the temp comes down.

European Gift La Pavoni Lever Espresso Machine

 European Gift La Pavoni comes with a 38oz boiler capacity. The boiler is having a chrome material, while the entire machine is coated with chrome plating, making it more nice-looking.


  • Can reset when overheating.
  • The thermostat has pressure control.
  • One refill is enough for 16 cups.


  • Set-up is quite complex.
  • Costlier than the rest.

Microcasa a Leva Espresso

With a posh Italian style, the espresso maker is great with its looks and taste. Even the heating system will not let you down but rather impress you with how it normalized down the temperature in about 12 mins.


  • Doesn’t create any improper noise.
  • Adjustable brewing temperature.
  • Good quality material for the price.


  • Takes a long time to warm- about 30 minutes.
  • Gives less coffee volume.
  • Overheating issues can be concerning.

La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional Lever Espresso Machine

Although this espresso machine is somewhat on the costlier side, it is worth all the penny. The style is very attractive at the same time. The controls have a rosewood finish, while the body has a brass finish. It comes with a 38oz broiler that helps with 16 espresso shots until the refilling part.


  • Get steamed in a second, hence, saving your time with brewing.
  • The thermostat has a pressure gauge that helps in controlling and monitoring the pressure.


  • Users of this espresso need to be more careful.
  • Its metal gets very hot, making it more difficult to handle.

Quickmill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine

Having a water recirculation unit, steam, and hot water outlets, this machine already stands out from the great. The heater has a capacity of 0.75 liters, which also has a pressure control.


  • A great deal that has a good look and functions well.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Making froth isn’t so convenient.
  • Gets noisy.
  • Warming up is slow and eats up almost 20 minutes.

La Pavoni Model PB-16 Professional Espresso

A great espresso and cappuccino maker is this machine that comes with a 38oz broiler. The pressure gauge mounted in the thermostat helps you to adjust the pressure more conveniently. The users can control even the speed.


  • Fast heat-up system.
  • Easily graspable since its handle is made out of wood.
  • The design can easily fit any ambiance.


  • The metal part of this machine gets hot very fast that, in a way, disbenefits you.
  • Beginners may have a hard time learning about the machine.


Automatic espresso machines may be performing well, but not always, as nothing can beat a physical touch. Moreover, a manual espresso machine will help you get more creative and learn about coffees. So, getting a manual espresso machine over those automatic ones is always the recommendation.

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